Saturday, July 30, 2022

Happy Avonnversary to ME!

My Four Year Avonversary!  

What started out as a way to get a discount on my own purchases has turned into a blog, website and new friends!  I cannot thank you enough for the support through out this adventure.  

It did come with struggles and I almost gave up (more than once!).  With the support of my loyal customers I was able to find my purpose and motivation, again.  

My purpose is to provide happy self care solutions to those that are seeking them.  My motivation is the smiles and small joy I see in my customers when the products are just what they were looking for. 

I do treat this like a business, but it feels more like a service to others.  I hope to take that spirit of service and provide more fundraising opportunities.  If you, or any group or individual, needs to support of a fundraiser - for any reason - please contact me.  I can set up an online fundraiser in minutes and keep it going for 60 days.

If you would like to start your own Avon adventure, I can have you set up in minutes.  We can also do a trial run, before you commit completely.

Have a safe August!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

What is your Skin Care routine?

When people ask how I got started in Avon, I always talk about skin care routine.  A few years ago I really needed something to help my dried out skin.  A friend was trying to start an Avon business and I thought this would be a great way to try new products and support someone I knew.  

As I started to use the Avon products more and more, people would notice the difference in my skin.  I would tell them it was Avon.  My confidence in my skin care routine grew and I felt that trying new products was now fun and my skin enjoys all of it!

My current routine includes Rice Water Bright cleanser, Isa Knox Anew LX eye cream, Bakuchiol Serum, Farm RX Super Greens Multivitamin Moisture Cream.

For makeup I keep it simple for so many reasons (Zoom, masks, etc).  I use Magix Tint.  It moisturizes and provides an even coverage.  I keep various lipsticks and lip glosses around my desk for touch ups right before a meeting.

Avon products are also dominate in my shower too!  I don't know how my hair ever managed without Elastine PropoliThera hair products.  Skin So Soft body wash in various scents is my go to as well.

I guess you could say that I have really Avonized my life!  

What is your skin care, hair care or body care routine?  Are you happy with it?  Would you like to try something new?

Send me a message or go and play on my website at .

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Great Compliment!!

 I have a monthly massage membership that occasionally gets used for a professional facial.  The esthetician had the best compliment in regards to my skin.  She found no issues;  my pores were small, there was no excess anything, no extractions necessary and I didn't need any type of special exfoliant.

I contributed my great skin to the regular use of Isa Knox moisturizers, Rice Water Cleanser, and Collagen Microneedling Polisher with Collagen Booster Rejuvenating Serum.  

What's your favorite skin care routine? If you don't have one, try out the Avon Skin Care Finder on my site at .

Thursday, December 3, 2020

What Do I Get From Selling Avon

 Perks To Selling Avon

I have been an Avon Representative for two years now.  My start was small and selfish.  I wanted a discount on the products I kept buying!  

Living in Texas I need a skin care regimen.  So when I discovered Avon had Hyaluronic Acid products I was hooked.   I signed up and then order products from myself for a month or two.  I started to mention to neighbors that I just became an Avon rep. and a few of them became very excited.  That's when I actually started to sell Avon to others.

Here are some of the perks to selling Avon:

  • I sell at a level that I earn up to 40% of the retail.  Which also means I get 40% off the products I personally use :)
  • I am interacting with people for happy reasons. Jewelry, skin care, fun colors, and clothes are happy things to talk about.
  • I get to preview new items.  This can mean cutting edge skin care, or holiday jewelry.
  • I can use my home office, expenses and milage as a tax deductions.  This became very important when all my kids were no longer my dependents.
  • I get wonderful, constant, comprehensive training and tools to learn all about my products and promotions.  I have never experienced a better training program. 
  • The normal sale incentives with Avon are trips.  I have come close twice to earning a trip, but with COVID this incentive has been put on hold. 
  • Team commissions are a perk to having an Avon team.  They more the team sells, the more I can earn by helping them reach their goals. 

What are the perks that interest you the most?

To get these perks for yourself, go to and sign up today!