Thursday, December 3, 2020

What Do I Get From Selling Avon

 Perks To Selling Avon

I have been an Avon Representative for two years now.  My start was small and selfish.  I wanted a discount on the products I kept buying!  

Living in Texas I need a skin care regimen.  So when I discovered Avon had Hyaluronic Acid products I was hooked.   I signed up and then order products from myself for a month or two.  I started to mention to neighbors that I just became an Avon rep. and a few of them became very excited.  That's when I actually started to sell Avon to others.

Here are some of the perks to selling Avon:

  • I sell at a level that I earn up to 40% of the retail.  Which also means I get 40% off the products I personally use :)
  • I am interacting with people for happy reasons. Jewelry, skin care, fun colors, and clothes are happy things to talk about.
  • I get to preview new items.  This can mean cutting edge skin care, or holiday jewelry.
  • I can use my home office, expenses and milage as a tax deductions.  This became very important when all my kids were no longer my dependents.
  • I get wonderful, constant, comprehensive training and tools to learn all about my products and promotions.  I have never experienced a better training program. 
  • The normal sale incentives with Avon are trips.  I have come close twice to earning a trip, but with COVID this incentive has been put on hold. 
  • Team commissions are a perk to having an Avon team.  They more the team sells, the more I can earn by helping them reach their goals. 

What are the perks that interest you the most?

To get these perks for yourself, go to and sign up today!

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